A Serbian Film – Rating: B+


First off let me say that this movie is in no way for the feint of heart.  Dealing with the darkest subject matter I personally have ever seen, (and trust me I have subjected my mind and eyes to some over-the-top-awful stuff) this movie will be sure to shock even the most jaded of the horror crowd.  All of the dialogue in the movie is entirely in Serbian, meaning you’ll be reading throughout the film, and is properly placed in one of the most violence torn countries in the world for such a dark piece of fiction.

The movie is based on a character names Milos, (pronounced Milosh) who is an ex porn star who now is living the domestic life with his wife and young son.  The movie opens with Milos’ young son, having discovered one of his fathers movies, watching some fairly hardcore pornography.  His parents walk in and promptly shut off the movie, but make nothing of it, Milos even defends his son saying that he watched his first porn film at his age.  The stage is already a bit uneasy in the light of a boy watching his father have sex on film, but that is child’s play compared to the emotional carnage to ensue.

What follows is an insane jaunt through the darkest possible subject matter, including but not limited to pedophilia, necrophilia, snuff, and some of the worst brutality I have ever seen on film.  I cannot stress enough that you probably should NOT watch this movie.

Once you get past all of the shock and trauma however, there is actually a fairly new and decent story in here.  The writer/director Srdjan Spasojevic has defended the movie as being a commentary on the emotional destruction of Serbia.  The major “antagonist” in the movie, if you can even call him that, lays it out pretty clearly when he says, “Sadly this is no country for art.  Where there is no life there can be no art.  A real talent will rot here, while maggots are giving press conferences.” It becomes quite clear that the country this writer sees is so bereft of real feelings, that the only way he can get anyone to really feel anything is through deplorable violence.

Many have said that this movie was simply a shock piece designed to put the most shocking things possible on screen simply to get attention and make money.  However I think, while the shock was intentional, I can see the artistic purpose of it.  It has a point, and it is a very dark one.

Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

A solid B+ from me


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