100 word prompt – Wall


It is grey here.  It is always grey here.  On the other side I’m sure there are days filled with yellow and green.  I can feel the faded reflections under my fingertips.  I can sometimes hear things from the other side.  Not like the gaping shrieks that fill the yawning nights.  Different sounds.  They make my palms itch and my neck sweat, frightened. If only I were taller I could maybe see the things making the sounds.  Or see the yellow and green.  But this side is grey.  This side will always be grey.  What else could it be?

This is based on the prompt walls and a 100 word writing about that prompt.  follow the link here to see what I’m talking about/


14 thoughts on “100 word prompt – Wall

  1. Sweet. It was supposed to be a little creepy but mostly desolate. I’m going to be editing for diction over the next couple of days, but it’s a good start. Thanks for taking the time to stop by and for leading me to these prompts.

    • Grey is infinitely better on the page than gray. I have no idea why there is even an alternate spelling. I even have a musical side project with the word grey in it. Such a beautiful word on the tongue and on the page… all around aesthetics marvel I guess. Thanks for the kind words.

    • There is something about the the absence of color, not the absence of light (as in black), but just the absence of color that makes things so much more disconnected from our experience. It is so interesting to me that we all watched black and white tv for so long while living in a beautifully colored world. I guess that’s why there were less couch potatoes!

  2. I love this line: “…I’m sure there are days filled with yellow and green.” It made me feel like your character is intelligent and rational, or was at one point!

    • he/she has a sense of things that are outside of his/her world – but not in the normal way of sensation. I really like the idea of feeling the fading memory of colors with his/her fingers… i dunno just a cool feeling for me

      • it reminds me how scent is the sense most strongly tied to memory (so ‘ve heard) why not touch to the memory of color? What an exciting idea.

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