I’m Gonna Go So Fast

I’m Gonna Go So Fast

Charles DeLucie

(The excersize was to write a piece in the voice of a younger self, then as your current self.  This was my rendition.)

       Man this is going to be so cool.  Its totally going to work and we’re going to have so much fun.  “No, Josh.  Dont put it there, put the hook part on the bar by the wheel.”  He did, and I grabbed my part and hooked it onto

 my skate board.  “Ok now when you go down the hill it will pull me too.  I’m gonna go so fucking fast!”  Cussing will make Josh think i’m like his other older friends.  So will this because I’m gonna look really cool going down this hill.  He’s getting on the scooter, this is going to be so cool.  “Go Josh, GO!”  I yelled this time.  I cant wait to go down the hill.  I climb over on my stomach and hold on to the sides of the board tightly.  He’s starting to pull off, but I can see the hook of the bungee thing starting to come off the bar.  That’s weird but this is still going to kick ass.  I’m gonna go so fast.

        Looking back, this was a bad idea from the start.  I was going to get on a skate board, lay down on my stomach and get pulled by a scooter, connected by a small bungee cord, and supposedly rocket down this hill looking so cool.  Here’s what I didn’t take into account.  I was young and small, probably 70 pounds, and the bungee cord only had a holding capacity of about 20.  Numbers like that didn’t matter to my childlike plans of a superhero-like trip to badassery.  So when the hook flew off of the back fender of that scooter, and since it was stretched to capacity and full of kinetic energy, it flew at my face faster than my eye could register.  The dull hook buried itself in my skull and knocked me out almost immediately.   When I woke up Josh was long gone, and I was bleeding and had to walk home with a bungee cord sticking out of my head.  On the way home i figured out what had  happened and tried to think of what I would tell my mom who would undoubtedly freak out.  How did I ever live to adolescence with ideas like that?