A Serbian Film – Rating: B+


First off let me say that this movie is in no way for the feint of heart.  Dealing with the darkest subject matter I personally have ever seen, (and trust me I have subjected my mind and eyes to some over-the-top-awful stuff) this movie will be sure to shock even the most jaded of the horror crowd.  All of the dialogue in the movie is entirely in Serbian, meaning you’ll be reading throughout the film, and is properly placed in one of the most violence torn countries in the world for such a dark piece of fiction. Continue reading


Teachers can no longer rest on their laurels.

Education is the career field of my choice, and I can’t wait to get into the school system of the town/city I end up teaching in, and actually get to work with the kids, however the idea of working in a system that is so broken is a daunting one at the best of times.  In an economy that is so beleaguered by a lack of jobs and an increase in the need of education to support a family, the base levels of education, that is our public schools k-12 must hold up their end of the bargain, which is to say, they have to actually educate their students.

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